Kissing babies and hugging fat girls

Danielle e-mailed me out of the blue.

i want you to have stronger opinions about movies. almost every single movie is "okay."

You want me to feign enthusiasm or aversion?

i want you to talk about movies more.

Well, when you don't have strong opinions, there is little worth talking about.

i was hoping you'd write about her.


My thoughts during Her:

—If this film is nominated for "Best Picture," Chris Pratt will have appeared in a "Best Picture" nominee for three consecutive years.

—Who is voicing Samantha? She sounds like Rashida Jones.

—This actress playing the surrogate has bad teeth.

—That building looks familiar. I think we drove past it in China.

—Guh. Fuckin' break up already!

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  1. danielle 14 Jan 14 at 18:05

    thank u


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