I made this US Marshall MY BITCH!

Did you know that the actor who played Sean Cameron on Degrassi: The Next Generation is now a reporter for Fusion, ABC and Univision's joint news channel venture?

The biggest knock against me professionally is that I am not proactive enough. It's a criticism that has followed me to every job I've had.

Being proactive goes against who I am existentially, though. I am not, by nature, someone who will expend energy on stuff that may not be necessary. I'll do what you ask of me, I'll do it fast, I'll do it well, but I won't do any more unless I have to. My modus operandi is efficiency.

Also, passion facilitates proactivity, and, well, I love nothing. In high school, I was voted "most likely to host an informercial," yet I can't for the life of me sell interest in a job. I'm fortunate that my current employer accepts that I work to live.

My mum's birthday is Friday.

I need, like, a Lamaze class for the deaths of my parents.

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