Fire consumes all. Water cleanses.

[flips through local alt-weekly]

Events calendar. Cello Joe?

Cello Joe
Cello Joe is a dude in flip flops and a fedora, with a mic, a loop pedal and, of course, a cello. He combines these three instruments to make some pretty weird music-think hip-hop cello with hippy-dippy lyrics about the harmfulness of materialism, luxury cars and television. [source]


Wait, could this be… Is this Joey Chang?

[googles "cello joe"]

Yup, it's him.

Joey was two years ahead of me in K-12, and, as a cellist myself, I orbited his notoriety. Last I heard, he spent his days post-high school playing a cello on the sidewalks of downtown Palo Alto.

"What is he doing with his life?" I wondered.

Odd family, the Changs. Asian father, white mother. Square older brother guest-lectured in my eighth grade science class. Younger sister ran away to Seattle with a Mexican dude during high school.

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