We're everyday robots in control

I understand why parks have closing times, but how are they enforceable?

My hotel in Louisville had a pool, and whenever I have access to a pool, I will use it.

The pool was deserted when I arrived, save for a lad lounging in a corner, who sprung up when he saw me.

Did I…? Oh. He's the lifeguard.

I felt bad for him, having to sit and watch me swim laps for 90 minutes. Couldn't fuck around on his phone or listen to music. Just me and his rescue tube.

I hope he's paid well. Eh, probably not. What a thankless job. Should I tip him?

Meanwhile, I felt self-conscious being the only person in the pool, the only show in town.

G-d knows what he thought about that backstroke lap. Maybe I shouldn't do butterfly.

Comedy Video Idea: A supercut of average Joes swimming the butterfly stroke.

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