I got the jam but not the bread

I have not traveled outside of North America since 2004, and have not returned to the motherland since 1996.

A 13h 45m flight sounds excruciating to 31-year-old me, but, at the end of the painbow… all-I-can-eat wax apples!

Best fruit: 1. Watermelon, 2. Wax apple, 3. White peach.

[looks for a hotel in atlanta on hotwire]

3½ stars, but only 50% recommended. Hmm… 3½ stars can't be that bad.

[books hotel]

Meliá Hotel.

[consults google]

Huh. 2 stars on Yelp. One, two, three, four consecutive recent 1 star reviews. I've stayed in crappy hotels before, though. As long as the wif—"wonky wifi, wifi didn't work, pitifully slow wifi, internet is completely unusable, internet is 1970s slow, it is even worse than dial-up."

[checks gmail]

"All bookings are final and no changes or refunds are allowed."

Well, fuck.

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