In Taipei, I discovered a Taiwanese band named 1976, which formed eight years before the band The 1975. This discovery led me to Google.

Is 1970 a band?

Is 1971 a band?
Yes, 1971 is a Bangladeshi band, seemingly named after the year of the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Is 1972 a band?

Is 1973 a band?
Yes, 1973 is a French band.

Is 1974 a band?
Yes. In 2012, 1974 won "Best New Band" at the first annual Connecticut Music Awards.

Is 1975 a band?
Yes, The 1975 is a UK band.

Is 1976 a band?
Yes, 1976 is a Taiwanese band.

Is 1977 a band?
Yes, 1977 is a UK "punk and new wave tribute band."

Is 1978 a band?
Yes, 1978 Band is a Greek band.

Is 1979 a band?
Yes, 1979 is a band of Iowa teenagers. Also: Death From Above 1979 (Canada).

Is 1980 a band?
Yes, 1980 is a French "brutal jazz power trio."

Is 1981 a band?
Yes, 1981 is a Finnish anarcho-punk band.

Is 1982 a band?
Yes, 1982 is a Belgian band.

Is 1983 a band?

Jon: Family Feud. Name a song with a year in its title. What's the top answer?
Rory: Hmm… "1999" – Prince?
Tina: Good answer! Good answer!

The 10th album has to be The Blood Brothers – Crimes, no?

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  1. Josh 31 May 14 at 03:06

    The first answer in my head would be "Anthem for the Year 2000" by Silverchair.


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