Pokémon Brown

I just finished reading The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson, a young adult/science fiction exploration of friendship.

I try super-hard not to sleep in any classes just to prove that hey, look, I can do it too. If somebody were shadowing me around school today, they wouldn't see me close my eyes, either, though they would see me get more and more irritable and death-resembling and every so often they would see my eyelids bang together involuntarily for just a half a moment longer than a blink is, as my head dips down just slightly until I pull it back up and in my head yell at my eyelids and neck for being so fucking weak. [51]

It's weird to think that once I'm out of high school, that will have been high school. Like, the high school years, the ones everybody gets, those will have been mine, written in stone, unalterable forever. [179]

Idea: A button on airplanes that, when pushed, forces every seat on board into its upright position.

Traditional Chex Mix, original Pringles, but almond M&Ms?

Isn't "birthday and/or cake" flavour just vanilla?

Idea: Bacon glazed with birthday frosting.

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