Shoplifter of the World


Rory: How did they do that?
Jon: The fire is computer-generated.
Rory: So he just flailed around…?

Rory: Heh. Visual effects artist: "You want me to do WHAT?"
Jon: Wife of visual effects artist: "How was work today?"

My Brother: Can you give me a ride to the airport tomorrow?
Jon: What time is your flight?
My Brother: 5:30PM.

Ugh. Rush hour.

Jon: Where are you going?
My Brother: New York City.

At 5:30PM PT? What a stupid flight. You arrive at, what, 2:00AM?

Jon: Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen, AND Jeff Fahey?!

Rory: Trivia: "This is the first independent British action film in history to feature not only an all star Hollywood cast list but also dynamic and complex fight sequences." Ah so…

My Mother: Jon, I need your help.
Jon: Okay.
My Mother: My friend is visiting from Taiwan and wants to know where she can buy Ed Hardy gear.


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