Get Busy Child

I've decided that Reggie Watts should play Larvelle Jones in Key and Peele's reboot of Police Academy.

Evidently, we weren't made to last.

The '00s: Meg Griffin.

The '00s: The Afterdecade.
The '00s: Talking Decades Past.

The '00s: FAKE!

Idea: A remake of the film Stay Tuned in which two YouTube commenters find themselves trapped inside HellTube, a nightmarish alternative universe run by Satan.

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The role of a lifetime.

related: A crossover between Stay Tuned and Twisted Metal?

Nintendo should add Sonic the Hedgehog to Mario Kart 9 and include a track inspired by the half-pipe special stages in Sonic 2.

Reggie Watts as Cadet Larvell Jones
Adam Brody as Cadet Carey Mahoney
Mischa Barton as Cadet Karen Thompson
Ben McKenzie as Cadet Eugene Tackleberry
Melinda Clarke as Sergeant Debbie Callahan
Tate Donovan as Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris
Alan Dale as Commandant Eric Lassard

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