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Juanita Burritos and Tacos is a Chipotle rip-off decorated with Star Wars pop art.

"Original Mexican sauce"?

"We pride ourselves on our lettuce."

Unlike other night markets in Taipei, the Ningxia Night Market is all food – eel noodles, rice with pig's feet, small intestine in large intestine, pork rib stewed in Chinese medicine…

Salad Boat
A deep-fried doughnut-like roll, sliced open, slathered with mayonnaise, and stuffed with some ham, some hard-boiled egg, some tomato, and some cucumber.

They are repulsively delicious.

Ji Pin

BAC (Black As Chocolate) Chocolate World is a café where every dish contains some form of chocolate.

For example:

• Pan fried salmon marinated in cocoa salt and cocoa gin

• A pastrami sandwich with dark chocolate bread

• A fried seafood platter served with white chocolate yuzu dip and cocoa pineapple salsa

As I departed, my waitress ran out to return the tip I had left and would not let me go until I accepted my tip back.

Lian Xiang Zhai is a swanky vegetarian buffet known for its Buddhist monk clientele, chocolate fountain, and all-you-can-eat Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Vegetarian fish remains dire. This buffet's vegetarian sashimi looks like sashimi, but eats like gelatinous nothing, and its cooked vegetarian fish is awfully rubbery.

Tonghua Night Market

"Boss level of delicious."

Ed's Diner
"American BBQ." Good pulled pork sandwich, satisfactory beef brisket.

A Canadian diner. Good Montreal smoked meat sandwich, weak classic poutine.

Macho Tacos
"Authentic Mexican food," including fish tacos.

Aunt Stella's
Also on the menu: Spicy Jambalaya Creole.

Swedish chef marries Taiwanese woman, opens Swedish restaurant in Taipei.

Taiwanese-Australian architect opens combination restaurant/market/event space in Taipei. Not surprisingly, the design of his complex is very cool.


The climate in Taiwan is tropical/sub-tropical; cold and/or fruity drinks are popular in Taiwan; and 7-Elevens are ubiquitous in Taiwan, yet 7-Elevens in Taiwan don't sell Slurpees. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Taiwanese people will add milk to anything.

Snow King is an ice creamery that offers salty flavours for diabetics.

I tried its pork knuckle (ham hock) flavour with bits of pig skin mixed in, and its pork floss flavour. Both tasted like salty peanut soup.

According to Google Translate, Asto gelateria's flavour offerings include: Latina Passion, Black Beauty, and Pikachu.

I tried its wax apple flavour.

Shilin Night Market

Taipei's most famous night market is a fuckin' labyrinth.

I couldn't find this place selling "intestinal wang duck blood tofu" and "cod chin."

However, I did find A Piece of Gayke and its infamous "todger waffles."

Home edition.

Wiener inception.

Coffin Bread
A deep-fried slice of Texas toast, carved open on one side, filled with various stuff, and lidded shut. The one I tried at the Shilin Night Market contained shrimp and pineapple on a bed of shredded cabbage smothered in a mysterious chowder.

Raohe Night Market

At the Raohe Night Market, I happened upon a stand selling half-size coffin bread. Among its filling options: chocolate custard, and…

Lobster salad with Doritos. Pictured: An open casket, heh.

"Lil' America."

Corn dogs coiled in cheese and fries.

Ireland's Potato is a fast food chain in Asia. Its main selling point is that Irish people are quite literally crazy about potatoes, and so the rest of the world should be too.

89 Seafood is known for its massive Hokkaido king crabs.

I watched one poor crab keep getting pulled out of its tank for photographs.

Ben Teppan Grill
Longest teppenyaki meal ever – after which you are escorted to a lounge for dessert.

In the waiting area: An encased basketball autographed by Jeremy Lin.

Did they know that Jeremy Lin was coming and buy a basketball in advance for him to autograph, or did they run out and buy a basketball while he was eating?

Pregame imports red Solo cups for authenticity.


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