Blue ball go down the hole

RE: flopping in soccer

If being fouled leads to a direct free kick, why wouldn't you flop and try to draw fouls? Why wouldn't you try to set yourself up to score?

To reduce flopping in soccer, the penalty for a foul should be less enticing – a two-minute power play, perhaps.

Other ideas:

» No offside penalties in stoppage time.

» In elimination games, instead of a penalty shoot-out, teams continue playing 15-minute blocks of extra time until one team wins. For every block of extra time, however, each team must remove a player from play. So the first block of extra time is 9 vs. 9, the second, 8 vs. 8, et cetera.

» A yearly FIFA All-Star Game. Two player-captains draft teams from a pool of 44 players that the world votes in. Substitutions are unlimited so that every all-star gets to play.


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