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The Nazis conduct experiments to bring extinct animals back to life, with the hopes of releasing the creatures into hunting parks for the Aryan people.

I hope it's better than Drug Kingpin Hippos, which was just an excuse for Animal Planet to produce a documentary on Pablo Escobar.

Oh. Hitler's Jurassic Zoo originally aired on American Heroes Channel.

B: Why are you in New York City?
Jon: Well…

Jon: You flew me out here to maybe co-sign an apartment lease?!

Jon: So I can't leave until Joe resolves his housing situation – until he decides to renew his current lease or passes/fails a credit check for a new apartment. The day after I arrived, however, he left for Texas and hasn't returned since. Oh and his family is visiting from July 23-31, during which time I can't crash at his place but likely can't return home either.

Joe: My friend in Washington, D.C. has a room…

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