Travis Gorzelsky

Can you imagine? Produced by Michael Bay, directed by Brett Ratner.

Rory: The Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott – "Hero" of cinema.
Anthony Michael Hall: The "Can't Stop Partying" of cinema.

What's the trifecta? Written by Akiva Goldsman?

I've been watching episodes of Hungry Investors, the Rob Ford of investment shows.


0:32 is my new ringtone.


Shit, Saturday Night Live should find someone to play Jon Taffer so Fictional Bar Rescue can be a recurring sketch.

Taffer at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Taffer at the Double Deuce.

Ben: will the marvel cinematic universe ever meet the fox one??
Jon: sure, if fox receives a cut of the take

Jon: what did paramount receive for the avengers? 9%?
Jon: fox shares its marvel characters with disney for 20% of global distribution revenue
Jon: also: the new star wars films retain the 20th century fox fanfare

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