William Smith

The alleys and narrow one-way streets of Philadelphia make me want to film a car chase here.

The dirt-cheap cab fares and car park rates make me want to move here.


Transit system or anime character?

I was surprised to see Stevie Richards on the subway.

Stevie Richards won the Hardcore Championship 22 times?!

Hmm… According to Wikipedia, he won it 21 times.

Only a punk would claim a championship he didn't win.

McKern: Only a punk would call The Legend of Korra "anime."
Jon: #notallpunks

Another ad on the subway:

Better see Biebs!

How is Justin Bieber, Esquire not a show on truTV?

I can't decide which would amuse me more: Bieber representing Bieber, or Bieber cross-examining Bieber.

If he ever becomes a judge – Justice Bieber.

I'm coming home.

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