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My celeb sightings in Toronto this year:

Caleb Landry Jones
Chris Rock
Rosario Dawson
Cedric the Entertainer
Jay Pharoah
J.B. Smoove
Leslie Jones
Michael Che
Kevin Smith
Miles Teller
J.K. Simmons
Nick Kroll
Rose Byrne
Bobby Cannavale
Joel McHale
Brit Marling
Hailee Steinfeld
Benedict Cumberbatch
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Channing Tatum
Steve Carell
Mark Ruffalo
Xavier Dolan
Justin Chon
Josh Hutcherson
Jemaine Clement
Dan Stevens

Toronto streetcars are what I imagine public transportation in hell is like.

The urban planner in me wonders why streetcars run down the centre of streets. Driving in Toronto must be maddening, as people boarding streetcars block all traffic in the same direction. It's stop-and-go traffic with stoplights too.

The Toronto subway line that runs along Bloor Street is also known as line 2.

Bloor – "Line 2," heh.

Tweets I didn't tweet while in Toronto:

» I found all the septum piercings in the world. They're in Toronto.

» Today I separately encountered two blokes smoking cigarettes in workout clothes.

» Nothing makes you feel like a shit American than having to swipe your credit card and sign a receipt.

» April Fools' Idea: A software update that causes smartphones to auto-correct Canadian English to American English. cheque > check

» Idea: A crowdsourced database of hotel and coffee shop WiFi passwords.

In my search for Nanaimo bars in Toronto, Yelp directed me to Snakes and Lattes.

Oh I've seen that place. It's across the street from La Carnita.

I trek out to College and Bathurst and discover that I had seen Snakes and Lagers, the spin-off. Snakes and Lattes is at Bloor and Bathurst.

Next: Shakes and Ladders at Dundas and Bathurst? Board game creamery…

Snakes and Latkes (board game deli)
Snakes and Lettuce (board game salad bar)
Snakes and Lardons (board games and bacon)

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