Only Jews and Pussies

I have never seen it, but Training Day seems like an odd film for marketers to keep referencing.

over a decade of training day references

I like how End of Watch is deemed worthy enough to be referenced, but not so much that it can't just say "from the writer and director of End of Watch."

"Bang Bang! is an upcoming Bollywood adaptation of Knight and Day produced by Fox Star Studios."

Knight and Day? That's an odd choice for a film to adapt.

[googles "fox star studios productions"]

"Mr. X is an upcoming Bollywood adaptation of Hollow Man."


[googles "bollywood adaptation training day"]

"Shagird is a Bollywood film loosely inspired by Training Day."

So ostensible American cultural classic Training Day doesn't merit a full Bollywood adaptation, but Knight and Day and Hollow Man do?

The director of Shagird should pen a loose adaptation of End of Watch.

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