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43. Hollywood Wrap Up (Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories, S01E06*)

* a 'television episode of the year' nominee

Honourable Mention

  • Incarnations of the Simpsons (The Simpsons, S26E04)
    [computer-animated, anime, Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, Sylvain Chomet, LEGO, Despicable Me, callback]
  • Gillian's letter (Boardwalk Empire, S05E07)
  • Tom Hardy and Noah Taylor talk (Peaky Blinders, S02E04)
  • Stupid cross-eyed animals (Comedy Bang! Bang!, S03E12)
  • Carrey Family Reunion (Saturday Night Live, S40E04)

Stray Observations

  • "He could be in Canada by now. There's so many forests up there. That country is one giant hiding place." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S02E04)
  • "I have to…make urines in dee toilet." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S02E04)
  • "You're the champagne of friends." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S02E04)
  • "School is cool. That's why it rhymes." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S02E04)
  • "I began by creating…a word cloud." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S02E04)
  • Mickey Doyle – cruel twist of fate (Boardwalk Empire, S05E07)
  • "You tell yourself it's quick, but you don't know. You can't know until it's you, and then you'll never tell anyone." (Boardwalk Empire, S05E07)
  • "Last time I took a shower, Mr. Pickles replaced my soap with a human face." (Mr. Pickles, S01E05)

(Gotham, S01E05)

  • "You're working in a…"
    "PlayStation game testing factory."
    "What kind of stuff do you do?"
    "Well, I shouldn't really be telling you this, but…we are developing a new button – the hexagon." (Bad Education, S03E06)
  • Bad Education Season Grade: C-
  • "Killing your mommy was an accident." (Sons of Anarchy, S07E07)
  • RT: A special Cutthroat Kitchen #hottake. Having $100 dollars when you opponent has $25,000 in the final round is bad. (Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage, S01E03)
  • "I always wanted a Spanish house. It would be like living in an El Torito." (Modern Family, S06E05)
  • "Frowny face stamp. I didn't know they made those."
    "I had to special order it from Germany." (Modern Family, S06E05)
  • "Whooping don't care what you are. An ass is an ass is an ass is an ass." (Black-ish, S01E05)
  • RT: This is why we need American Horror Story: to see Patti LaBelle do the Woody Woodpecker laugh. (American Horror Story, S04E03)
  • Todd English's face (Top Chef, S12E02)

(Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories, S01E06)

  • The Vandals! (Comedy Bang! Bang!, S03E12)


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