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Cupertino School Board Candidate Admits Violent Past

In 2009, an infuriated [Chris] Zhang, then 35 years old, marched down to a badminton class to confront a man he knew on the Internet as George Wu, an online comments moderator for a Chinese immigrants forum.

Zhang, who kept arguing with other users on the website, was kicked off for "being abrasive." But then he started directing his angst at Wu, sending him increasingly nasty comments, like, "Fuck your mother for being an unfair bitch … I'll fuck you up," and, "You better not run into me in real life … I got your picture now, you little piece of shit."

Unlike most online trolls, Zhang made good on his threat. He tracked Wu down through a message board comment saying that Wu was going to play badminton that day in Milpitas. Zhang went down to tell him off and rough him up. When he arrived, he put his arm around Wu and said in Chinese, "Do you know who I am?" That set off a scuffle that left both men with swollen wrists.

Zhang put Wu in a chokehold, pushed him to the floor, punched his stomach and somehow injured his wrist. "I don't have a perfect past," Zhang admitted, dismissing the incident as a symptom of him being "a reckless bachelor."

I can't decide what my favourite part of this story is:

Confronting an online comments moderator for a Chinese immigrants forum at a badminton class?

The line "fuck your mother for being an unfair bitch"?

The scuffle leaving both men with swollen wrists?

Attributing the incident to reckless bachelorhood at age 35?

Cupertino is heavily Taiwanese. I wonder if George Wu is mainland Chinese.

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