Jon: Identical twins. Male.
Rory: Okay…
Jon: From dusk until dawn, they swap bodies.
Rory: What if they are in different time zones?

Jon: When dusk hits for both of them, they swap bodies until dawn hits for both of them. So if one is in California, and the other is in the Arctic Circle, that complicates matters, as does travel.

Jon: How do you be in a relationship when you're not you at night?

Jon: Perhaps one twin is a middle school teacher and the other a gang enforcer.

Jon: Season two.
Rory: Oh a second season!
Jon: Second season or sequel. One of the twins is bitten by a vampire and becomes one. So he can't go outside during the day, and at night, he's someone else. Meanwhile, his brother must now spend his nights procuring blood.

Jon: Season threequel. The twin that's not a vampire becomes a werewolf.

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