A Challenger Appears

Billy Roberts may spend the rest of his life in prison for grinding his pelvis against women in crowded NYC subways. What makes his story even stranger? Billy has an identical twin that does the same thing.

Debra Farinella loves angels. She has hundreds of them decorating her home. Unfortunately, she has been stealing them from gravesites at the local cemetery.

61-year old Robert Wells is afraid to grow old. He'll do almost anything to retain his youth…including drinking the urine of young boys, which he believes is the fountain of youth.

Robert White tricks women into trying on shoes and then licks their inner thighs as he helps them.

Alex Davis is a diaper fetishist. He is most aroused by soiled baby diapers, which he steals from neighborhood garbage cans in the dark of night.

Rick Sciara, aka Master Rick, runs his own S&M sex dungeon in the basement of his home, where he trains gay sex slaves. He gets in trouble when he begins performing illegal castrations on willing men.

Katherine Drouin is not only an anorexic-bulimic, she is also a kleptomaniac. One addiction feeds the other as she has been exiled from all grocery stores within 20 miles for shoplifting groceries for her daily binge.

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