Cars Can't Snowboard

Jon: I've been cramming 2014 music in search of selections for my year-end mix, having failed to stay on top of music this year.
Adam: Tell me about it. It's next to impossible to keep up when you have an adult life.
Jon: I totally understand now why Grammy nominations are so lame. Music is a young man's game.

Jon: Did I tell you the cover art for my mix?
Adam: The True Detective/Spaceballs mash-up?
Jon: No, I reluctantly had to abandon that idea. I couldn't make it work as cover art, and couldn't in good conscience waste Jon Wilcox's time illustrating something that has no reason to exist except for my pleasure.

Jon: How much do you think a freelance artist would charge? And would one even bite? "I want a True Detective/Spaceballs mash-up for pleasure."

Jon: Yeah, FIGHT SCENES OF THE YEAR is coming along – seventh annual! I'm also considering CINEMATOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR and THE YEAR IN BONERS montages.
Adam: Are you doing a BEST FILMS list?
Jon: Ehh… I tried drafting a list, but after 1. Whiplash and 2. The Tribe, I don't have any strong feelings. I'm doing a BEST TELEVISION SHOWS list, though. In fact, it's pretty much finalized.

1. Hannibal
2. Nathan For You
3. The Eric Andre Show
4. Rick and Morty
5. Shameless
6. Veep
7. Utopia [UK]
8. Looking
9. Game of Thrones
10. Fargo

Jon: I'm waiting on the Black Mirror Christmas special for BEST TELEVISION EPISODES.

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