Guided By Vices

Why didn't I think of this?

Idea: A Photoshopped image of Kevin Smith in age-appropriate clothing, à la normal-looking Guy Fieri.

Reality Competition Idea: Project Runway, but with sneaker customizers. Sneaker customization challenges.

Game Show Idea: Maroom 5. Win $5000 for every consecutive hour you spend in a lightly-furnished room in which Maroon 5 songs play non-stop. Viewers of an online live feed control the playlist.

Idea: A history of film cameos by Matt Damon.

IFC did one in 2009.

Idea: An updated history of film cameos by Matt Damon, one that includes The Zero Theorem and Interstellar.

Infographic Idea: Spread of the Living Dead. After seeing a trailer for a Nigerian zombie film, I wondered how many countries have produced a zombie film.

Film Idea: An adaptation of Speed set on a Chinatown bus traveling from Philadelphia to New York City. The twist ending: All of the characters on the Chinatown bus are personalities of a man with extreme dissociative identity disorder….who happens to be a passenger on the bus in the film Speed!

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