Lazy, laid back, maybe you're just on crack

I can't stop looking at GIFs of Japanese celebrities orally seeing if objects in a room are real or actually sugar confectionery.

The Chick-fil-A cows figured out the English language, and how to write, and how to fuckin' parachute into a football stadium, but they can't spell basic words?

On April 1, replace the cows with Hindu people and correct all the misspellings.

In October, run negative campaign ads against chickens that are "paid for by cows."

A group of chickens set out to assassinate the cows. Like Munich, but with farm animals.

What makes the Chicago style deep dish pizza popcorn Chicago style deep dish? How does its taste differ from pizza-flavoured popcorn?

Chicago style hot dog I can taste in my head – mustard, celery salt…

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