Drink Wisconsinbly

// Las Vegas, NV

Free association: Lethal Enforcers.

Dealertainers are no more? Poo.

Television Idea: Celebrity Poker Roast. Rotate in insult comics as dealers.

I'm surprised that I haven't seen anyone vaping in a casino.

Ooh! A $10 blackjack table that pays 3 to 2 — casino unicorn.

An Asian lad joins the table. He says he's from China but attends uni in Montana. [pause]

Adam Robot: We're a big Asian student stop because it's easy to get in here.

Montana: Asia's community college.

From my experiences, this is how video slot machines work: You insert money. The game teases you with a few minor wins before hooking you with a flashier, more titillating bonus game. Then the game sinks you with losing spins in hopes that you insert more money to chase the bonus game dragon.

Video slot machine bonus game withdrawal is real.

Look at this dude only betting "don't pass." Don't pass: The "well, actually" of craps.

Could a twin mattress fit in a craps table? Craps table bed frame. Shorten the legs.

Could the pub that Chris and I are gonna open in Seattle legally house a craps table?

Waitress: Drinks?
Jon: Yes, can I get a Diet Pepsi?

Where do casino cocktail waitresses get drinks? I should follow one. And are they like flight attendants, or is, like, an undocumented bartender hidden away somewhere?


  1. Anonymous 19 Mar 15 at 18:17

    Cocktail waitresses get drinks from the bars usually to the sides or center of the gaming floor. You should follow one- if they're not union, they tend to look really good in their outfits.

    Source: big casino drinker.


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