Suplex City

A Manson-style cult uses a long-lost Fab Four song to jump-start the zombie Helter Skelter. A popular radio DJ plays the song, inadvertently creating a flesh eating zombie in a walrus costume. [source]

"Free as a Bird" or "Real Love"?

A flesh-eating zombie, as opposed to…?

Why is the revived corpse in a walrus costume?

So that's two horror films involving a walrus costume.

Reality Competition Idea: Chopped, but with short films. Filmmakers must incorporate four mystery ingredients into a short film.

"And you must use: A cult, a Beatles song, a zombie, and a walrus costume."

Idea: A self-serve burritoria. Grab a tortilla, spoon fillings onto it, and then an employee will wrap your burrito and weigh it. $0.33/oz.

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