I must not have smacked you hard enough

A $56 cheese pizza at the Rock in Rio music festival in Las Vegas (of Anaheim)

Last Call with Carson Daly has been on NBC for 13 years, and I have never seen a single second of it.

Has Late Night with Seth Meyers produced any viral content?

I have seen, like, a minute total of Late Night with Seth Meyers, and it has all been while refueling my car.

CBS is airing reruns of its shows in Letterman's time slot until Colbert premieres in September. I would like to see how reruns of The Big Bang Theory perform against Fallon.


  1. hugo 22 May 15 at 15:08

    carson daly has had different formats: traditional talk show (sucked) to the now single cam-ish (and cheaper) show which showcases breaking music and comic acts. it's good, but just a terrible time slot so no one can catch it.

    seth meyers has had a few viral hits (the most viral one being some game of thrones bullshit), but let's just say corden has had more than meyers in less than two months of being on air.

    i would put money on big bang outperforming fallon's slot. reruns of full house avg 1.2 million viewers in 2015 alone. big bang is averaging 18 million viewers per ep this season. in 1999 that would mean a ~28 million viewer per ep average.

    it's wonderful the shit i can think about as i continue to not want a job.

    you're welcome,


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