Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

22. Adult 2.0 Keynote (Silicon Valley, S02E07)

Stray Observations

  • "Oh my." (Game of Thrones, S05E07)
  • "All rulers are either butchers or meat." (Game of Thrones, S05E07)
  • "Before he brought us Digg, Kevin Rose had to bring us…a whole lot of useless things, then after Digg as well, for that matter." (Silicon Valley, S02E07)
  • Crazy Town's "Butterfly" – a joke in Orange County and Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley, S02E07)
  • "Get Mike to draft a statement. He's got a 'thoughts and prayers' template." (Veep, S04E07)
  • "I like my bourbon like I like my women – 18 years old and wet."
    "I'm more of a White Russian man myself." (Veep, S04E07)

(True Life: I Hate My Butt, 05-25-15)

  • "She doesn't understand filmmaking. I lived in New York." (Community, S06E12)
  • "Don't Jim the camera like that." (Community, S06E12)
  • "White people like encouragement. It really doesn't matter what form." (Community, S06E12)
  • "This is a man that knows how to marry his cousin!" (Community, S06E12)
  • "None of us would have met if Hitler hadn't been born."
    "Also, none of Britta's arguments would have a default analogy."
    "You go to the Hitler well a lot."
    "What are you, Hitler, Hitler?" (Community, S06E12)
  • "What are 'sickies'?"
    "Mexicans." (Louie, S05E08)
  • "Hey, don't knock the fart jokes! Those are my babies. Those are my fart babies." (Louie, S05E08)
  • "Every fart is funny. I've laughed at every fart I ever heard." (Louie, S05E08)
  • "I gotta take a pizza dump." (Louie, S05E08)
  • Louie Season Grade: C+

(Comedy Bang! Bang!, S04E19)

  • "According to the lab, all the semen samples came from the same person, probably male." (Childrens Hospital, S06E11)


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