Paint a vulgar picture

Cheese pizza pizza

Jon: It was a paper container for food from the hot bar at Whole Foods. So it's paper – recycle. But the inside of the container is coated with something to prevent liquid from seeping through the paper, so….garbage. But the coating might be biodegradable – compost?

Jon: The example items listed on the bins weren't helpful.

Mobile App Idea: You photograph something and it tells you if it's garbage, recycle, or compost.

Imagine a world where Gordon Ramsey has one terrible shithole of a bar/nightclub, but is convinced it will succeed. What would happen if Jon Taffer rescued it? [source]

Story Idea: A man offers food and shelter to homeless veterans, and in exchange, they kill people for him. Experienced expendable assassins.

Idea: A sequel to Sleepaway Camp in which Caitlyn Jenner plays a much older Angela raising the transgender daughter of disapproving parents she killed.

Idea: A slasher film set in the world of alt comedy.

Jon: How would Chelsea Peretti react if her life was in grave danger?
Jon: Picture Chelsea Peretti running scared from a masked person wielding a hatchet.

Mike: Patton Oswalt issues a series of tweets pleading for the lives of his friends, "explaining" why the killer won't win.

Mike: Brett Gelman dies in a strange theatre piece and no one realizes it. He's murdered in front of everyone.
Jon: That's the opening scene. Then… Who dies first – Hannibal Buress or Ron Funches?

Jon: Some try to hide from the killer as characters they play.
Jon: "Huell Howser" running scared.

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