Death by 1000 cuts

Concert Idea: An r&b/hip-hop Royal Rumble – 30 artists only performing collaborations.

To illustrate: Jay Z and Kanye West are one and two. They perform a few Watch the Throne songs. Rihanna enters at three. All three perform "Run This Town." Paul McCartney enters at four. Kanye, Rihanna, and Paul perform "FourFiveSeconds." Paul exits. Eminem enters at five. Jay and Eminem perform "Renegade." Jay exits. Rihanna and Eminem perform "Love the Way You Lie." Rihanna exits. Lil Wayne enters at six. Eminem and Wayne perform "No Love." Drake enters at seven. Kanye, Eminem, Wayne, and Drake perform "Forever." And so forth.

Idea: The remaining Beastie Boys complete/expand the sections of "B-Boy Bouillabaisse" and release them as a mixtape.

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