Can't Bring Me Down

The Only Game in Town (2015)
Cormack Vertue is an autistic teenager with a unique ability – he never fails to get out at solitaire. This makes him a prime candidate for the school solitaire team and gives him an opportunity to impress Odette, the love of his life. Sadly, his efforts don't go down well with Odette's hockey-star boyfriend Alastair. Cormack's abilities also attract attention from the sinister underworld of championship solitaire.



Film Idea: A remake of Speed set on a tech company's plush private bus ferrying employees to work in Silicon Valley.

Sitcom Idea: One man's adventures at weddings. Each episode is set at a different wedding. Think Curb Your Enthusiasm × Party Down.

Halloween Idea: Distribute candy to children wearing a fake and conspicuous ankle bracelet.

Novelty Item Idea: CVS receipt toilet paper.

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