Sleeping with the Enema

summer of unk'd

How did "Animals," your track on Compton, come together?

DJ Premier: I went to Moscow earlier this year to work with, like, the top producer in Moscow. The pitch was for me to get with a Russian producer, to use Russian samples and music, and then to have MF Doom rap on it.

When we were about to head out to Moscow, MF Doom fell ill and wasn't able to come out. I'm like, "Well, who are you going to get to replace him?" He said, "We're going to get a singer instead of a rapper, Anderson .Paak." [source]

Straight outta Moscow.

When not performing, [David Copperfield] manages his chain of eleven islands in the Bahamas, called "Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay," which completed a $35 million renovation under Copperfield's supervision. [source]

Why is "David Copperfield managing a chain of islands in the Bahamas" not a television programme?

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