Fantasy Has Come 2 Seatown

While waiting to board my flight to Seattle, a husky dude sat down beside me and pulled out his mobile. I looked over and…

Is he using Grindr?

Yes, yes he is.

Also my flight to Seattle was a husky ginger wearing a Macklemore shirt.

And husky dude wearing a tilted top hat makes three.

While exiting the aircraft, I noticed that husky dude wearing a tilted top hat was also wearing a dog collar.


Tony: When I was in Copenhagen, Allison and I ate this fancy restaurant.
Jon: Uhh…
Tony: Not Noma. It was a spin-off.

Tony: Allison ordered a dish that featured bone foam, which friends later pointed out sounds like jizz.

Tony: E.T. bone foam.

Tony: Jane and her neighbour did not get along. Before Jane left, she peed on her neighbour's welcome mat. She wanted to poop on it, but if she peed on it, then her neighbour would be crazy, not her.

Our uberX driver turned the radio on as we approached downtown Seattle and "Downtown" by Macklemore was playing. I thought of husky ginger.

Idea: A Mountain Dew-themed amusement park. Each ride is named after a flavour of Mountain Dew – Baja Blast, Code Red, Live Wire, Voltage…

Mike Kelly's height shocked me.

Was he this tall when we first met? Is he somehow still growing?

Chris: Is Pete Davidson master robot on SNL?
Jon: What?
Chris: Is Pete Davidson master robot on SNL?

Is he having a stroke?

OH. He thinks Pete Davidson looks like Rami Malek. Should I inform him that "master robot" is actually Christian Slater?

FanDuel and DraftKings are illegal in Washington state, so Washingtonians are bombarded with ads for nothing. It's kinda like Sonic [Drive-In].

Jon: You lived in Southern California for 30 years and buy a convertible after moving to Seattle?

Elizabeth: Initially, I thought "no firearms" signs in restaurants were a joke, but Washington is an open carry state. Thing is, firearms are only illegal in the bar area of a restaurant. You can carry in the rest of the restaurant – where alcohol is also served.
Jon: So if you have a hit out on you in this state, don't sit at the bar when dining out.

UCLA always loses when I'm in Seattle.

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