Hold on to me like a parasite or an endless fever dream

Marc Summers: When we tested physical challenges, all of our inside jokes became sexual. Everything became a dick joke. "If you do this, the fountain will erupt," y'know? It got ridiculously filthy. We never said "penis," "vagina," or "cum," or anything in front of the kids. But when we looked at each other, or got over to a corner, it was, "Look at that gigantic penis! It looks like a mountain just cumming!"

Summers: They initially wanted Soupy Sales to [host]. I was told they had offered the job to Dana Carvey on the same night he got the SNL offer. He took SNL.

We were up in the writers' suite. We looked out this window, and there was this huge slice of Swiss cheese being carried across the street. We said, "What are we doing?"

Summers: The worst thing that ever happened to me was when I was playing a theme park in San Jose, and I would always go through the audience and pick out people, just spontaneously. So I'm doing the show on Saturday, and there's a grown-up, like in his 30s, wearing this gigantic swastika around his neck. So I'm doing the first show at 1 o'clock, and he's jumping up and down — "Marc, pick me! Pick me!" — I don't pick him.

The second show, I go out, and he's in the same seat somehow, jumping up and down with his flapping swastika — "Marc, pick me!" — and I didn't do it. When I come back for the Sunday shows he's in the front row, and I don't pick him. He stands on his chair and yells, "You dirty fucking Jew! I'm going to kill you, you motherfucker! I come here for three shows and you don't pick me?!"

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