Our Band Is Crisis

Written by, directed by, and co-starring Darren Doane.

Darren Doane… That name sounds familiar.

[looks up "Darren Doane" on Wikipedia]

Ah. He directed Blink-182's videos for "Dammit" and "Josie," as well as videos for Guttermouth and Pennywise.

From Guttermouth and Pennywise to Saving Christmas and The Free Speech Apocalypse.

Jon: Who is our generation's Kirk Cameron? Like, a total lost cause.
Rory: Tom DeLonge.

You know those videos of children reacting to old gadgets and video games and shit?

I wonder how Ace Ventura: Pet Detective plays to millennials. How do they react to Jim Carrey decontaminating himself after realizing that he kissed a transgender woman?

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  1. John O 28 Oct 15 at 22:27

    My wife and I started watching Ace Ventura a couple years ago. We shut it off within 20 minutes.


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