Friends With Benadryl

IMDb's list of actors who have appeared on Hawaii Five-0 is amazing. The more you scroll down, the more you are rewarded. David Keith and Keith David!

Game Idea: Five Degrees of Daniel Dae Kim.

Oh. It's November. Time to re-subscribe to Spotify Premium.

I have $15 in my budget that I move around depending on the time of year.

Nov-Dec 2015
Spotify Premium to facilitate the creation of my year-end mix.

Jan-Apr 2016
WWE Network for WrestleMania season.

Apr-Jun 2016
HBO Now to watch Game of Thrones live.

Summit Ice apparel (as seen on Nathan for You, S03E02) has already rung up over $45,000 in sales, The Movement (as seen on Nathan for You, S03E03) is an Amazon best seller, and Shout! Factory will release seasons one and two of Nathan for You on home video next week.

This holiday season, give the gift of Nathan Fielder.

Bonus Features
• Audio Commentary On "Private Investigator / Taxi Company" With Special Guest Salomon Flores
• Audio Commentary On "Souvenir Shop / ELAIFF" With Special Guest William Heath (Bill Gates Impersonator)
• "Dumb Starbucks" – Extended Parody Songs

What could have been.

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