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Wikipedia » Florida–Georgia football rivalry

The two universities do not agree on when the rivalry began.

I would understand this if Georgia hadn't won both first games.

Wikipedia » Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line is an American bro-country duo.


Wikipedia » Bro-country

The "bro-country" movement has been criticized for its subject matter, namely repeated lyrical themes of partying associated with Friday nights, alcoholic beverages, "painted on" jeans, mud/dust, a rural setting of some sort (like a river or creek), boots, tobacco, and trucks, as well as its exclusion of female country artists.

The popularity of the genre opened up a divide between the older generation of country singers and the bro country singers which was described as "civil war."

Idea: A variation on The Warriors in which each gang is a musical sub-genre – the bro-country gang, the gangsta rap gang…

Netflix should commission and release 10 country music awards shows at once.

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