Nobody can drag me down

Blackhearts is a feature-length documentary film that explores the lives of three extreme black metal fans – from Iran, Colombia, and Greece – as they travel to Norway, the birthplace of black metal music.

As Luciferian plans its trip, it becomes clear to Hector that fulfilling visa application requirements will be challenging. He seeks advice from his Satanic mentor in Colombia, the "Black Pope," and organizes a formal ritual of selling his soul to the Devil to obtain the visa.

Some of the rewards for Blackhearts' Indiegogo for post-production funds are amazing:

"Starting now, you are not to blink. If you blink, we go back to the start."

This severely burned leather wristband with soot-blackened nails, worn by Frost, was left mostly unwearable from fire damage. ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!

Also includes a fully functional volume pedal.

An executive producer credit is only $1500? Hmm…

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