All in the Family

As you head down to baggage claim in terminal one at LAX, you are greeted by Vin Diesel hang-gliding an attack helicopter.

1. Hobbs

2. Young Han Seoul-Oh

3. Evil Letty


As head of the Mobility Division of the Special Air Service, Owen Shaw specialized in a unique brand of "vehicular warfare," operating military vehicles and displaying a high degree of competency in motor mechanics and repair, as well as being an expert at desert warfare. [source]

5. The continuing misadventures of Tego and Rico

6. Mr. Nobody × Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

7. Tokyo Drift 2: Clay, Sean's adversary at the beginning of Tokyo Drift, surfaces in Japan seeking revenge on Sean for ruining his life. Parlay this sequel into a parallel franchise à la CSI: Miami set in Asian/Oceanian countries with Sean as its Dom – Far East and Furious

8. Roman Holiday: Roman drives cross-country to Universal Studios Orlando. Sequels: Roman European Holiday, Roman Christmas Holiday, Roman Vegas Holiday

9. Fast and Furious × American Graffiti. 1950/1960s cars. Dom's father?

Drew: What about a young Dom origin story? Boosting IROCs in the '80s or something?
Jon: Dom was born on August 29, 1976, though. It would have to be an early '90s film – Straight Outta Echo Park.

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