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I am chuffed (I think) to present Backwash, a podcast by Adam Robot and I.

1. Magnifying Glass / Parking Brake
2. With Bob and David / Sketch Comedy
3. Cassette Tape Revival / VCR Plus / LaserDisc
4. Late Night Talk Show Hosts
5. Michael Rapaport's Laugh

Adam Robot is higher on episode one than I am. I think it's hit–and–miss, but…onward and upward.

We are on pace to release an episode weekly.



  1. Russell 22 Nov 15 at 01:18

    Two things:

    1) If another FX program is allowed to run rampant with the running time and that said show isn't 'The Americans', we riot. [Plus you really thought 'The Bastard Executioner' was worth a look when Sutter ended his last show with a literal/audio/visual Jesus Christ on the screen?]

    2) Can I get the Rapport laugh as m4r file to assign all future Tinder date text messages?

  2. Cangrejero 22 Nov 15 at 03:52

    I use a magnifying glass all the time in my job. I'm a forensic engineer, and it is not practical to bring a microscope into the field. I use a magnifying glass to look at fracture surfaces of broken parts to determine the nature of the fracture (ductile, fatigue, brittle, etc.) and also to look at electrical wires from fire scenes which may have signs of electrical arcing to determine if it was due to current flow or just melt. I also look at failed electrical circuit boards as well.

    Several of my colleagues use them. I have actually been planning to get a new one.

    Anyway, not so much looking for something, but looking at something you've already found.


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