Shut the fuck up and enjoy the greatness

"You're going to leave me all alone here with less-angry Rosie O'Donnell?"
Wade Wilson compares Angel Dust (former MMA fighter Gina Carano) to the two-time View cohost, but O'Donnell almost missed out on the dishonorable mention. Fifteen other names were considered, including Kevin Sorbo, Chyna, Jose Canseco, "Louise Ferrigno," Busta Rhymes, and Criss Angel.

Jon: The other names aren't much better, but…
Jon: "You're going to leave me all alone here with Busta Rhymes? [to Angel Dust] Put your hands where my eyes can see."
Jon: Eh?

Rory: "You're going to leave me all alone here with Busta Rhymes? [Francis walks away] [to Francis] This, is, serious! She can make you delirious!"

"All night long during the shoot, we were running in and whispering names in Ryan's ear." It was nonstop fun for everyone — except the person on the brunt of the joke. "God bless Gina Carano for being such a good sport. Gina took Chyna especially hard." [source]

Jon: To be fair, Chyna won a championship in her field.

Jon: We got an ultra-hard peen / We splooging ultra-light cream / This is a wet dream / This is a wet dream / This is a natural thing…
Rory: [pause]
Jon: BEAUTIFUL MORNING / Stains of cum on my new duvet…

Jon: Call me "Kal-El Yankovic."

Jon: POTUSserie – an American president-themed rotisserie.
Rory: Okay…
Jon: The Washington: classic rotisserie chicken.
Jon: The Lincoln: rotisserie free-range Silkie chicken.
Jon: The Obama: charcoil-broiled rotisserie chicken.
Jon: The W. Bush… What's the word for 'small chicken'? Poussin! Rotisserie poussin.
Jon: The W. Bush could also be The Quincy Adams.
Jon: The Clinton… Hmm…
Jon: The Clinton: rotisserie chicken cigars?
Jon: No, The Clinton: a rotisserie chicken wrap with a blue corn tortilla and ranch dipping sauce.
Rory: The Jefferson: two pieces – one white, one dark.
Jon: Heh.
Jon: The Taft: stuffed rotisserie turkey.
Jon: The Roosevelt (Teddy): a rotisserie turkey leg.
Jon: The FDR: slow-cooked "rotisserie" chicken.
Rory: The JFK: a chicken served with its head on – dangling.
Jon: The Nixon: plant-based rotisserie "chicken."
Rory: The Reagan: cold fried chicken.

Jon: "Woo-hah! Got you all-in!" – Busta Rhymes playing poker.

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