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The Road Movie: A Look at Russia From Dash Cam Footage

A crazed man clinging to the front hood of a car as it speeds along a road is among the more normal images from a new film that explores Russian society as seen through the prism of dashboard cameras.

Hardcore Henry but with dash cams?

The Road Movie is a feature-length documentary.


The film, which places the viewer in the position of the anonymous drivers behind the dash-cam clips, is made of dozens of short sequences of unalloyed life in Russia.

Collected from YouTube and other websites, the documentary explores episodes that range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and all stops in between.

Never mind…

Now we're talking.

Before it became a 68-minute feature, it was uploaded in 10-second clips to lead actress Andrea Russett's Snapchat account.

Blaine and Antoine: 408 snaps in a zzz formation.


Dash Cam[!]: Invasion (2005)
Surveillance Cameras: Look (2007)
Skype: Unfriended (2014)
Snapchat: Sickhouse (2016)

Vine? Single-take Facebook Live?

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