Not anymore, Jews

Do you trust weed from a stranger?
You know, I was in San Francisco with a buddy of mine, just traveling with me for something, for an event, he was my plus one, and uh, I don't really smoke weed but he does, and he was like, "Ugh, I didn't make weed arrangements." And we were walking in Union Square and I said, "Let's see if I can get us some weed," and I just said, "Yo, where my weed at?" like loud, and a joint appeared. I was like weed Merlin. No, weed David Copperfield. I was pretty impressed, I did it twice at different points in the day. It would take me a few minutes, but I'm sure I could get us some weed if you wanted some.

This fall on ABC: John Cho is…Weed Merlin.

Would you want to be a superhero?
I don't particularly want to diet. Or work out like crazy.

Seriously, though… Breaking Bad, but Walter is a struggling magician and Jesse a former assistant of his. Instead of making drugs, they traffic drugs.

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