Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar

// New York City, NY

Damn. BAM's Next Wave Festival looks dope.

Architecture doubles as instrument in this collage of offbeat pop songs and live construction. Building as they play, the band members coax an array of uncanny sounds from a set of amplified eight-foot-long sheets of Styrofoam wall insulation.

Kings of War
In director Ivo van Hove's clever merging of the plays Henry V, Henry VI: Parts I, II and III, and Richard III, three Bardian power players enter the fluorescent-lit corridors of the present.

Balletic refrains inspired by Boyz n the Hood and the historically black neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Clips of the film's dialogue mix with the music of Handel and Sam Cooke.

Entangled in a dense field of 5,000 black nylon wires, a single body moves, incandescent and strange.

Memory Rings
A time-bending puppet fantasia on ecological themes.

The Magnetic Fields: 50 Song Memoir
Stephen Merritt and his seven-member band celebrate his 50th birthday with 50 new songs, one for every year of his melodious existence.

Oh. I'll be back in New York City the weekend of the Magnetic Fields event. Hmm…

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