The Top 10 Fight Scenes of 2016

Round 10:

10. Georges St-Pierre vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme (Kickboxer: Vengeance)

9. Husband Penguin vs. Homewrecker Penguin (Animal Fight Night)

8. The Final Deletion (TNA Impact Wrestling)

7. Respawn Rumble (Preacher)

6. Ash vs. Evil Intestine (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

5. 1 vs. 100 (The Bodyguard)

4. Jail Raid (Call of Heroes)

3. Knife Fight (Yip Man 3)

2. It's a Trap (The Bodyguard)

1. Donnie Yen vs. Mike Tyson (Yip Man 3)

Among Mike Tyson's upcoming films: A Chinese one with Steven Seagal, and Kickboxer: Retaliation with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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