if that's what we wanna do

I've been brainstorming food items for the pub that Chris Castle and I plan to open in Seattle.

What I have so far:

Mex Mix
A mix of Takis, cacahuates japoneses, Totis Donitas, Sabritas Adobadas, chicharrones, and Gardetto's roasted garlic rye chips.

A mix of Belgian fries, curly fries, garlic waffle fries, sweet potato crinkle-cut fries, and tater tots served in a mixing bowl.

Doomsday Pepper
A roasted poblano pepper stuffed with canned meats and [Kraft cheese powder + evaporated milk], breaded with instant ramen, and fried.

Fuck, Marry, Kale
Deep-fried oysters and calamari rings served with a kale aioli.

Florida Man
An alligator/python-sausage corn dog served with Grey Poupon.

Suicide Wings
Six chicken wings, each with a different soda-fountain-based glaze – Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, root beer, Orange Fanta, Mountain Dew.

Olympia Burger
A cheeseburger topped with chips and a Pepsi barbecue sauce.

The Hajj
A play on a Thanksgiving sandwich. Pita bread, turkey shawarma, cranberry chutney, stuffing-flavoured falafel, toum mashed potatoes, tahini gravy.

Bill Murray
A play on an egg cream (chocolate syrup + milk + carbonated water). The chocolate syrup is thinned Nutella with a sriracha kick. The milk is almond milk. The carbonated water is LaCroix. Served with a bacon straw.

I want to name our pub "Ipecac." Chris prefers "Alterations."


  1. steven 25 Jan 17 at 14:30

    you need a jambalaya mix with sushi.

    John Belushi.


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