New Wave, cold-filtered, low-calorie dry

Raisins is Hooters. Mister Jiu's is Chinese. Why not use City Wok?

And how can you approximate South Park in San Francisco without a pop-up Vernacular? Or Seinfeld in San Francisco without a non-fat yogurt shop?

Turn Raisins into the Chinese Restaurant.

Seinfeld vending machine: Junior Mints, Pez, Snickers packaged with a disposable knife and fork, Chunkys, Drake's Coffee Cakes, Jujyfruits…

Diet Coke? No, that's Friends.

Gosu's unusual combination was inspired by Tran's high-school passions: bubble tea and EDM.

The full menu will feature quirky eats like fruit sushi, bacon-wrapped avocado fries, and mini octopus corn dogs.

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