They pulled your teeth 'til you smiled and agreed

// Chicago, IL

Yosi: I'll meet you all at Fat Rice tonight. I have to speak at an event beforehand as a favour to an alderman friend of mine.
Jon: You're friends with an alderman? You should invite him or her to dinner with us.
Yosi: Will do.

Yosi enters the restaurant alone.

Jon: Where's the alderman?
Yosi: He's coming. He lives nearby.

A dapper Latino bloke enters the restaurant.

He's the alderman?!

Jon: How old are you?
Carlos: 28.
Jon: And you represent Logan Square?
Carlos: Yup.

The next day, who do I see on the cover of the Chicago Reader but Yosi's alderman friend:

Had I known that the new face of socialism would be joining us for dinner, I would have requested jamón ibérico.

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