Eater's Digest: October 7, 2017

// Vancouver, BC

My third[?] time in Vancouver during Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Showstopper Salad (The Mackenzie Room)
farmer's cheese, pistachio vinaigrette

Chicken of the Sea (The Mackenzie Room)
sea urchin paté, ink brioche, hazelnut, pear

^ Faux liver.

Have Your Cake (The Mackenzie Room)
zucchini cake, nectarine ice cream, black pepper cream

Saffron Honey Panna Cotta (The Mackenzie Room)
plum, mezcal sorbet

(The Black Lodge) is a Twin Peaks-themed vegetarian restaurant and bar in Vancouver. A second Black Lodge location opened in October. Two Black Lodges? Why not a White Lodge?

(La Casa Gelato) serves 238 flavours:

Chocolate-covered fried chicken skin for dessert at (AnnaLena)


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