Eater's Digest: December 14-15, 2017

Los Angeles, CA
broken mouth / / the mighty / salt and straw

(PBJ.LA) makes unique Uncrustables:

Focaccia Sandwich (The Mighty)
fennel sausage and porchetta sandwich, apple fennel jam, harissa aioli, arugula

Rice Crispy Cookie (The Mighty)

Caramelized Grapefruit Eggnog Ice Cream (Salt and Straw)
custardy eggnog ice cream made with black rum, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon; homemade grapefruit jam made by caramelizing fresh pink grapefruit juice

Sushi Rice Tots (Sumo Dog)
—Mini yaki onigiri?

Chedd-cha (Little Fluffy Head Café)
iced matcha latte topped with cheddar cheese cream

San Francisco, CA
wise sons jewish delicatessen / rooster and rice / villon

I like (Wise Sons)' Bittersweet Chocolate Babka, but the size of a slice keeps decreasing.

Everything Hawaiian Bread (Villon)
cultured butter, market preserves, strawberry chicken liver mousse

^ The "everything" doesn't add anything.

Tuna Tartare (Villon)
crispy chicken, deviled egg, micro onion

^ Raw fish and deviled egg on chicken skin.

Warm Beignets (Villon)
lime posset, butternut, coffee

^ Ethereal doughnuts confusingly served with a bowl of mousse-like lime cream with butternut squash and coffee.

Baby Back Ribs (Villon)
feuilles de brique, nuoc mam cham


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