Eater's Digest: Las Vegas 6

Previously on Adam Riff™ (Oct 2017):


Palace Pan Roast (Oyster Bar)
—David Chang: "It's the best dish in Las Vegas."

March 2018
paid in full / the black sheep / the buffet at wynn / starboard tack / bacchanal buffet / chica / the buffet at wynn / mian / sweets raku / oyster bar / the buffet at wynn / chengdu taste

Udon Fries (Paid in Full)
animal style

^ Hope you like In-N-Out's Thousand Island-esque spread.

Crispy Tapioca (Paid in Full)
aged parmesan, nori powder

^ A more successful fried appetizer with a chewy interior.

Sweetbread Katsu (Paid in Full)
snow pea, bacon, frisée, bulldog sauce
—The only fried sweetbreads I acknowledge are (The Black Hoof)'s in Toronto.

Foie Gras Okonomiyaki (Paid in Full)
kabocha, hazelnut, smoked maple
—"Oh, this will be like the 'foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy' dish at (Animal) in Los Angeles, but with a pancake instead of a biscuit," I thought.

I thought wrong.

Nothing compares 2 U, "foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy" dish at (Animal) in Los Angeles.

Mapo Tofu Frito Pie (Paid in Full)
minced pork, aged cheddar, scallion

Phat Rice Noodles (Paid in Full)
lamb chorizo, broccoli rabe, garlic la-yu oil
—This has wisely since been replaced by Cumin Lamb Noodles.

Sweet Anko and Camembert Toast (Paid in Full)
cap'n crunch breading, kuromitsu syrup

^ Red bean paste and cheese?

An oddly unsweet dessert. It wasn't savoury, but it wasn't sweet either, no matter how much black honey I squeezed on.

Thug Passion (Paid in Full)
sparkling hawaiian punch, black pepper passion syrup
—A drink that exists.

Salmon Skin Tacos (The Black Sheep)
salmon belly tartare, tabiko, smoked shishito peppers, micro cilantro

^ Fried salmon skin as hard shells.

Fried Beef Crisps (The Black Sheep)
thai chili tajin dust, chili lime sauce

^ Fried beef tendon puffs, to be exact.

Fried Chicken Fried Rice (Starboard Tack)
with sunny side up egg

West Indies Fried Chicken Sandwich (Starboard Tack)
walkerwood jerk aioli, pineapple pickles

Mongolian Cheesesteak (Starboard Tack)
mongolian marinated tri-tip, grilled onions, american cheese, baguette
—This tasted off to me. Hugo liked it, though.

Szechuan Chimichurri Beef Skewer (Starboard Tack)
Tom Kha Mushroom Skewer (Starboard Tack)

Sakura (Sweets Raku)
cheese soufflé with strawberries, injected with cherry blossom cream; served with moscato sorbet
—I begrudgingly ordered this because the dessert I came for had been retired:

Pearl (Sweets Raku)
rich chocolate mousse paired with caramel, banana, and pineapple; topped with a white chocolate shell with a passion-fruit-sauce-filled candy pearl

Mung Bean Soup (MIAN)
natural mung beans, water, lightly sweetened with sugar

Complimentary mung bean soup?

Oh! It's Lu Dou Tang – a childhood favourite of mine!

Mung beans are green beans. The more you know.

Palace Pan Roast (Oyster Bar)
shrimp, crab, chicken, and andouille sausage

^ I didn't want to queue for an hour or two to try this, so I tried it for breakfast at 06:30 on a Friday.

It's fine.


Choco Kebab (Choco Kebab)

Gnocchi Mexicano (Salud)
house-made gnocchi, guajillo mushroom cream sauce, queso fresco

Rollos Empanizados (Culichi Town)
Deep-fried sushi rolls.

Hot Cheetos Ceviche (Culichi Town)

Cubana Mexicana Torta (Playa Papagayos)
pork leg, egg, ham, wiener, breaded steak, mexican sausage, cheese

Uni Melt (Sparrow + Wolf)
burrata, blood orange kosho

Longganisa Empanadas (Starboard Tack)
filipino-style longganisa, green olive, egg, roasted red pepper, chili vinegar crema

Seat-Thai Dog (Starboard Tack)
¼lb hot dog, thai chili cream cheese, fried shallot, grilled onion, cilantro

Triple Garlic Yakisoba (Paid in Full)
pork belly, mushrooms, cabbage, negi
—Served in a Chinese take-out container.

Jardin Signature "Fleur" (Jardin)
layered dark chocolate mousse, raspberry jam, moist chocolate cake in edible chocolate flower pot


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